Our Story

Being Filipinos, we all know what it’s like to have adult responsibilities; how we need to take care of our parents, siblings, our own families and for some, extended even to the relatives and neighbors. 

More Filipinos are engaged with their work, busier than ever from earning a living. Hiring a Butler to manage their household is expensive and out of reach. 

This is why Mr. Butler is here. Mr. Butler, as a personified technology, is able to be everyone’s personal butler. We give you the power to gift yourself with freedom, with more personal time to have a comfortable and happy life.

– Aaron Adam Gallanosa, Co-Founder

Our Mission

Mr. Butler’s Two-Fold Mission: 

To our dear and ever busy customers, we aim to empower them to take back their freedom from countless chores so they can focus more on what matters most to them. 

To our butlers, we aim to elevate their work to a level of profession with dignity and passion for what they do.

Our Vision

Mr. Butler shall be a household name trusted to be the helping hand in creating a happy home; serving more than 1,000,000 Filipino Households.